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Attractive and reliable converted vehicles for everyone

  • How can we respond to the customer’s expectations for vehicles?
  • How can we harmonize performance, utility, endurance, and reliability at a high level?
  • How can we create eco-friendly and practical products even if the production volume is small?

AUTECH always keep searching for the answers to these questions.

"Factory Customization"

AUTECH achieves the same standards as mass-produced vehicles through our strong partnership with Nissan and our suppliers, and our integrated system of product planning, development, manufacturing, sales, and after-sales services.
AUTECH delivers attractive and reliable vehicles that everyone can enjoy driving. Through "Factory Customization", AUTECH creates new values and provides the joy of driving, the joy of ownership, and the joy of use to more and more customers.

Factory Customization

AUTECH JAPAN's 3 business filelds

Business details of the Specialty Vehicle are introduced here.

Business details of the Life-care Vehicle are introduced here.

Business details of the Work-use Vehicle are introduced here.