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Message from Management

President Chief Executive Officer(CEO) Takao Katagiri

President Chief Executive Officer(CEO)
Takao Katagiri

Making Vehicles More Usable People

In 2016, AUTECH JAPAN celebrated the 30th anniversary. With the support of all our stakeholders, including our valued customers, AUTECH JAPAN has grown into a company that is loved and trusted.

In the mid-1980s, automobiles entered the age of diversification and personalization. In keeping with the times, in September 1986, the Nissan group established AUTECH JAPAN, Inc. as an independent company to focus on vehicle conversion, pioneering a new way of manufacturing vehicles quite different from the conventional mass-production method over the years.

Today, AUTECH plans, develops, manufactures and markets various converted vehicles for three business fields: 1) SV (Specialty Vehicle) to meet customers' personalized needs, 2) LV(Life-care Vehicle) to support mobility by making it easier for disabled or elderly people to get in and out of vehicles, and 3) WV (Work-use Vehicle) to support perform under diverse business scenarios. In addition, AUTECH is expanding these business to overseas.

The automobile industry confronts a number of important issues such as responding to diverse customer needs, adapting to an aging society, taking the environment into account, and contributing to a better society. In order to contribute to these challenges, AUTECH, as a company providing converted vehicles, not only fulfils the basic role of meeting the individual needs of customers that can not be met by mass-production, but also constantly seeks for further growth by stimulating potential needs of customers.

We have the unique strength of having complete in-house capabilities covering all the value chain: product-planning, designing, engineering, manufacturing, marketing and servicing. Also AUTECH has the inherent strength to make full use of all the capabilities and resources of the entire Nissan group.

Our vision is to enrich people's lives by bringing cars closer to people. To attain this goal, AUTECH is continuously seeking for "something" unique and innovative values to our customers and trying to expand possibilities of converted vehicles.

Factory Customization: Converted cars and vehicles responding to the diverse needs of today's society, such as superior quality, reliability and reduced environmental load, etc. at the highest level ever expected. This is what we offer to our customers.

Everybody at AUTECH is committed to maximize our united power to keep providing products that exceed the expectations of more and more customers, always giving the first priority to the viewpoint of the end user.