2. Life-care Vehicle

Life-care Vehicle

AUTECH has conducted in-depth research on the foreseeable usage requirements in order to offer the pleasure of going out to more people, including small children, the injured, the elderly, and the physically challenged. Based on our research, AUTECH develops, produces, and markets Nissan Life-care Vehicles (LVs) equipped with various functions and devices required by such people, including small remote controllers, assist grips, seat-lifting mechanisms, and so on. Nissan Life-care Vehicles are not only safe and durable but are also designed from a 'Quality of Life' viewpoint.

Market research and product planning


Exhibitions, visits to welfare facilities and customer voices are the source of novel ideas that exceed customer expectations.



3D CAD & CAE for design, simulation analyses and direct communication process between R&D and skilled plant workers makes speedy and high-quality development.

Quality and reliability


Durability tests and strict inspection in every stage from production to shipment assures quality and reliability.
Product improvement is rapidly made reflecting feedback from customers through after-sales service dept.

LV Lineup in Japan

Power Slide-Up Seat

A car seat that rotates, comes out from a car and moves down/up makes it easier for a passenger to get in/out of a car. Can be operated by a remote controller.

ELGRAND Power Slide-Up Seat

Chair Cab (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle)

The Chair Cab is equipped with a lifter or a ramp to enable a person using a wheel chair to access the vehicle.

NV200 VANETTE Wheelchair Accessible

Driving Helper (Driving aid)

An axle-by-wire system named "AUTECH drive gear type-e" is the only one in the world and brought innovation to the function and design of hand control driving devices.

LEAF Driving Helper (Driving aid)

Long Slide Step

A long step automatically comes out as a side door is opened, and installed when closed. It makes passengers to easily get in and out of the 1st row passenger seat and 2nd row seat.

SERENA Long Slide Step