Work-use Vehicles(WVs)

We design work-use vehicles while carefully considering the environments in which they will be used and the needs and desires of customers. We use our techniques and know-how regarding vehicle characteristics and manufacturing, developed over our company's history, to build work-use vehicles that meet professionals' demands.

  • Advanced technical capabilities, quality, and reliability

    We design and develop each product and function based on the needs and desires of customers. Each and every vehicle is built by artisans, starting from the making of individual parts, manufactured to be durable and safe, to their installation in vehicles. We carefully check the quality of our vehicles before shipping them.

Examples of work-use vehicles

We support our customers' businesses by providing converted vehicles with custom specifications that match the needs of various industries and loads, from minivehicles to two-ton trucks. We manufacture diverse and wide-ranging converted vehicles such as dump trucks, trucks with lifters, refrigerated trucks, and freezer trucks.

Truck with rear gate lifter - Perpendicular

Dump truck

Intermediate temperature and freezer truck

NV200 taxi - Universal design - LPG bi-fuel

Assistive mobile restroom truck

Broadcast truck